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TKF Stalker Series FS is a compact finesse spinnerbait. The exclusive arm body design creates a unique vibration despite the small size of the pallets. These are distorted at the lateral end (V Blades) that gives our Stalker Series FS its own special sound. The front pallet is fixed with a welded ball on the arm which contributes the weight balance throughout the Sculpted Shad Shape Head Design. This allows the angler to cast at any desired distance while maintaining control without any unwanted rotations.  

The Hand Tied LSS (Live Skirt System) pulsates continuously giving that realistic natural feel even at slower speeds.

Using Japanese components and a Daiichi Hook, our Stalker Series FS is the  perfect combination between functionality and design. 

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    TKF Stalker Series FS - Teamknowfish Tackle
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