Collection: Nebulosa Tournament Grade Buzzbait

🎣 TKF “Nebulosa” Tournament Grade Buzzbait.
Our buzzbait is the final step in the buzzbait revolution.
🔴 The hydrodynamic head allows the Nebulosa to run better than your traditional buzzbait and it’s compact structure allows for maximum casting distance. This head design helps going through vegetation and keeps the head upwards and the hook in the strike zone longer.
🔴 The flexible arm is designed to decrease its own tension in the moment of a strike allowing the angler to catch more fish.
🔴 The bend of the arm along with the thickness of the metal blade, creates a different more attractive sound.

🚨 We will be releasing 7 colors



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  • Nebulosa High Speed Buzzbait
    Nebulosa High Speed Buzzbait - Teamknowfish Tackle
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