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From the lakes to the ponds, from the average tournament angler to the average weekend angler, TKF Tackle is here to help you catch your next PB. We offer competitive prices and a wide variety of products from some of the most sought after companies in our industry. Next time you think of fishing, think of TKF Tackle. We’re more than just a Tackle company, we’re Family.

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Nebulosa High Speed Buzzbait


Stalker Series FS

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Everyone wants to look good on the water. Gear up with our TKF swag and let everyone know who you represent 🎣

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TKF No Chip Tungsten


Why use Tungsten?

Tungsten is 1.7X more dense than lead, therefore it has a smaller profile. Tungsten is also significantly more sensitive than lead, you'll feel the difference when these weights hit the bottom. More sensitivity in the weight = more sensitivity through the line and in your hand - don't miss a bite again due to using an inferior lead weight. 



The new Predator Pro Series Bladed Swim Jig is taking over the bass fishing world! Power your way to more fish with our top of the line jig, designed exclusively to swim behind our Turbo blades with an impressive wobble action that bass can’t ignore. Jigs feature premium black nickel, UltraPoint Mustad hooks, collar to hold your skirt, 3-D molded lure eyes and a wire plastics keeper to keep your plastic trailer securely in place. This is your top choice for a bladed swim jig set-up! 

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Pro Series Jigs

We offer a wide variety of high quality, handmade jigs. Whether you're a tournament angler or just the weekend angler, TKF Tackle has you covered. Our Pro Series line of jigs rank up there with all the major players. Some may say, our quality is even better. From the best components to our powder coating, we strive in producing nothing but the best. 

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Mystery Box

Subscription Model NOW available

Mystery Boxes range from $25-$100

If you like surprises, this box is for you. Shipping is included in prices. $100 Mystery Boxes Ship FREE.
Receive various products from all companies we represent. Let the adventure begin!

Sign up for our subscription model and we will send you a mystery box monthly.

🟢 Products are discounted based on your own discount percent. You will receive more products than the actual mystery box amount chosen.

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Pro Staff Application

If you’re an angler who is active on social media and loves to fish, then our company is the perfect fit for you. We’re looking for prostaff members who possess the ability to produce quality, compelling content that show the features and benefits of our products. No professional tournament experience is required. We’re simply looking to add new anglers who have a passion for the outdoors and love to fish as much as we do. With all that we have to offer, there has never been a better time to rock our swag, or fish with our products. See what you’ve been missing with TKF Tackle and let us help you catch your next PB.

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We are currently accepting new dealers. We offer a wide range of products for wholesale. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please contact us.

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XZone Lures

X Zone Lures for Pro Fishermen & Enthusiasts

Whether you are tournament fisherman, a weekend warrior or an occasional angler, X Zone Lures make even the best fishermen better.

X Zone Lures offers 2 great series of baits:

Pro Series: for Large & Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Pike & MuskyClassic Hand Pour Series: for Large & Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Pike & Musky

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MOLIX is an Italian brand of professional fishing products and accessories. Molix’s headquarters is in Italy , and this is where the stages of design, development, control and marketing take place. High quality products are produced thanks to continuous research and innovative design, in order to suit the changing needs of modern fishermen .

Sometimes the products are the result of inputs that we receive by our followers around the world. The insight becomes an idea, that develops with Molix’s characteristic Italian Style of the products. The idea is shaped and evolved into a project, with the flow of skills and expertise coming from people who collaborate with Molix in different part of the planet.

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Spearpoint Performance Hooks

The Wide Gap and GP Finesse hooks are designed to impart maximum torque and fish holding power. Both shapes feature Spearpoint’s pat. pend VGrip™ technology that helps keep fish securely fastened once the hook is set.  As a result, the VGrip™ works overtime for the angler.  

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Utilizing a patented, highly secretive and highly coveted process, the weights are not painted but rather treated in a way that preserves the matte black finish regardless of what they are exposed to. Flipping rocks? No problem. Flipping docks and hit a pontoon? As long as the owner isn’t around, you’re good! Set the hook on what you thought was a fish and send the weight hurtling back at you at Mach 2 speeds? Sorry gel coat on the boat but no problem for the NEVER CHIP series. Available  from the ultralight 1/16oz up to the hydrilla gorilla punching 2oz.

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K9 Fishing

K9 Fluoro will fill the needs of fisherman in about 85% of all fishing situations. No line is perfect, but K9 Fluoro was designed to perform under most applications.

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Line Taming Serum

2oz Bottle

Removes Memory Coils

Helps Prevent Backlashes

Aids Longer Cast

Change your line less

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  • Nebulosa Buzzbait

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  • Ethan Elliot
  • Hawgrilla Butternut

  • Spinwsplinder
  • Predator “Diablo”

  • Rami
  • Nebulosa Buzzbait

  • T_Bfishing

Stalker Series FS

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Nebulosa Buzzbait

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TKF/R10 Rattling Deep Crankbait

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Hawgrilla Butternut

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Predator “Diablo”

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Nebulosa Buzzbait

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Customer Reviews

Extremely FAST SHIPPING! Very impressed with the quality of these jigs. I have been a repeat customer for almost a year now. These are now the only jigs I use period. They produce plain and simple. Prices are good, you won’t be disappointed. Owners treat you like family instead of just a number. Very active on social media.


Fast Shipping!!! I ordered around 2 am in the morning and I received an email saying my order had shipped at 8:30 am. Wow! No other company does this. When I received my order I found a free koozie and a hand written note thanking me for my order. I will be a loyal customer for sure. Oh their jigs are great quality and the details are amazing,


Customer service is great. I had a few questions and they replied back almost immediately. I wasn’t sure which style jig I needed and they helped me tremendously. Very knowledgeable of their products.


Lightning fast shipping and great customer service. Jigs are very high quality. The crankbaits they have are some of the best I’ve seen. I compare them to the quality of some of the best brands out there. I’m a crank guy and know my crankbaits. They are just as good as the high dollar ones hands down. I’ll definitely be ordering more. Can’t wait til they have some Cicads. Just seen they will be releasing them soon. Can’t wait. 😬


Best jigs I’ve ever used. Attention to details are great. I Can tell they take pride in their work. Most jigs are sprayed now a days and chip easily. These are powder coated and cleared. I’ve beat them on rocks and the paint holds up great. I highly recommend TKF Tackle.


Fast Shipping and great products. Client service is unheard of. One of the best companies I’ve ever delt with. Their jigs flat out catches fish. The quality is top notch and even better than the big name companies. Their attention to detai really stands out.


Fast Shipping and great quality jigs. Customer service is out of this world. I messaged them on IG about my order and they replied back within a few minutes. I had made a mistake and needed to change my order. Not only did they resolve my issue, they sent me a copy of the new order.


Great customer service and amazing jig/bladed jigs. I love how quick i get my items, one of many great reasons I only buy from them.