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Hawg Slawp is a solid-state fish attractant designed to eliminate the hassle of liquid fish attractants. No More Mess on your hands, kayak, or boat. The 0.5oz screw-up tube allows for easy application and hundreds of uses in just one tube.  

Hawg Slawp Fish Attactant Bait Stick is made with 100% pure fish oil. All the natural scents are contained in a solid base that's easily applied to baits such as jigs, soft plastic creature baits, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and even plastic worms! The scent is easily applied with a 0.5 oz. screw-up tube. Hundreds of applications with just one tube! Keep it in your pocket or tackle box. NO MESS—no liquid to spill in your boat, kayak, truck, etc. Made in Kentucky, USA

Features & details

Specially formulated and infused in Kick’n Bass Labs 

       . 100% All Natural Forage Additives 

  • Formulated and Infused into a solid base
  • Screw-up type tube
  • 1/2oz Tube gives hundreds of applications
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  • Hawg Slawp 🐷 Fish Attractant Bait Stick
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