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With its hidden hook design, the Dark Sleeper persuades bottom-oriented bass to feed even when they don't want to. When ultimate stealth is needed, this ultra-realistic, pre-weighted soft swimbait is unmatched at putting reluctant fish in the livewell. Its super-soft twin dorsal fins not only conceal the hook but also protect against weeds and bottom debris, without hindering the hookset. The combination of a low center of gravity and lively paddle tail deliver appealing action even at crawling speed, making the Dark Sleeper a top choice for probing bottom structure in tough post-frontal conditions.

  • Ultra-realistic, pre-weighted soft swimbait
  • Unique hidden hook design
  • Soft dorsal fins protect against hangups
  • Fins compress for solid hooksets
  • Low center of gravity
  • Lively paddle tail action
  • Deadly for crawling over bottom structure
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  • Dark Sleeper Swimbait Size 1/2 oz
    Dark Sleeper Swimbait  Size 1/2 oz - Teamknowfish Tackle
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